February 27, 2013

The globalized business environment today being aggressively competitive employs every technology to improve the accessibility of information and data for the customers, partners, vendors and suppliers. However, along the way of meeting up for the demands of the numerous entities, the organizations often utilize a amount of applications, various security models and identity systems which can not at all times be compatible. This leads to inefficiencies inside the corporate network which further results in data and identity thefts and unauthorized use of business critical data.

With security measures for example password based entry been deployed in the access points to corporate network, the necessity for frequent changes in the password contributes to multiple repositories of user-id’s with multiple passwords. Juggling through this password puzzle results in confusion for that end-user and benefit for the cyber criminal. To keep such situations from increasing, organizations want to make usage of effective identity and access management solutions that might give a comprehensive and focused method of security issues in the corporate network end-users as well as ensure compliance and efficiency in securing the vital business information.

Further, the growing demands on information technology has generated global organizations to depend upon IT outsourcing of knowledge center operations, desktop and help desk support, computer programs development, network operations and disaster recovery. However, though it will help the business in fulfilling the IT needs in the customers, additionally, it leaves open a broad scope for cyber attacks and misuse of critical data.

Identity and Access management can thus be thought as a couple of policies, processes, and technologies used for creation, and control over digital identities.

identity management

With the objective to deliver right access on the right people at the right time, efficient IAM solutions will help organizations manage access on the information and applications from the organizational network without compromising security. The solution refers for the process of creating, propagating, tweaking user identity and privileges and consists of four main modules :

‘ Authentication- verification and proving the identity for gaining entry to a credit card applicatoin system or resource.

‘ Authorization- determination and confirmation of the identity and allowing use of something or resource to do some action.

‘ User Management- identifies management and unsafe effects of identity creation, password re-setting, transmission of data as well as others, in the creation digital entity to its termination

‘ Enterprise Directory- refers towards the repository used for storing the digital identities, credentials and attributes for reference.

With information security being the key source of concern for many in the techno savvy organizations, use of IAM solutions will help organizations to authorize administration within an organization that can facilitate in recognizing any entry without permission. Hence, it offers complete security with an organization, protects both confidential and personal data helping organization achieve operational efficiency.


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